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2000 Little Blond's Bash
With the perfect weather of a warm autumn afternoon the Masters gathered for the Final Major of the Season.

Jeff and Carl snatch victory from the Jaws of Defeat
Legends are Known and Lore Abounds, and as Fate would have it as the Sun traversed the Southwest Sky, only the unexpected became the norm, one day after Friday the 13th.

Years are marked by seasons, and family and friends keep us tight, and as another year is passing by, and the bragging rights are on the line, the Masters gather for a Little Blond's Bash.

Quickly the Grand Old Game reminds us that an Old Man's keen eye and a Young Stud's magical touch are no match for the weak and weary. 1-0-0 Paul and Mike.

Tensions are high and tempers flare on the box by the sea! Jim starts his boat for a long days run, as Jeff starts out the second game. Talk and chatter subside to a murmur that is so fantastically interrupted by the bell like ring of Jeff's tee shot clinking off the Bell Tower Pole. This was a sign of things to come. All players, except for Mike exhibit good Strategy and Strong Play in a game that was most notable for pumpkin hitting and Jim's Powerful Sends from atop the hill into the lake and almost into the depths of the Lake had it not been for one skinny property boundary stick. On the Upper Self, Mike begins his patented charge as he and his partner need only a win to sweep the series. However after being burned by both the Frying Pan and the Fire Sand Bunkers, and what can only be classified as "three very poor shots" down the stretch the charge is never enough as Jeff and Carl Lock up Game Two to make the score 1-1-0.

The first team to win two takes home the trophy, so Jim & Tony are staring defeat directly in the face as the other two teams, Paul & Mike and Carl & Jeff, are just one win away form the 2000 World Players Championship.

The day is of picturesque beauty and enjoyed by all, and these Grand Masters are trying to squeeze in Tourney before God sets the sun. Into the "Sebastian of Sun", Tony cries, as he leads a determined field over the crest on the hill past the swing. From here Jim & Tony dominate and the only question left for them is, was it a case of a little to little, to late?

Here they stand six Masters all knowing the simple truth - this is it. Everything they have worked for all season is going to come down to one last Grudge Match - for all the Glory! Now the Wind is Clam, the Sea is Still, and the Sun is Setting and painting the Sky. Only if you have every played this grand game before, could you have any appreciation, for what was about to transpire.

In Classic fashion all six balls are together on the Upper Self, but Jeff and Carl have the "Advantage". Or do they? Carl is first to hit the stake, but Jeff inches away from the victory, is caught, sent, and left for dead! Paul and Mike look like they might win it all, but the never say die team of Jim and Tony fight back to nullify the charge. Paul and Mike again knock on the Door, but this time it is Jeff who Roquets Mike in what was a last ditch effort to stave off defeat. He sends Mike over the hill and past the swing. Mike is next to play, and hits a shot of some forty yards, through the trees, down the fairway, across the water, off the sandbox, and misses the stake by a mere inch or less.

Jeff, a true competitor again finds himself inches from the stake, and inches from the World Players Championship, as Tony the only person with a chance to save the day - steps up. In what is now shear Darkness, Tony makes the first wicket, Roquets Carl, and takes dead aim on Jeff. The Ball is tracking straight, but misses somehow - someway - by fractions of a centimeter, and Jeff and Carl are World Champions and are crating the Coveted Trophy back Home for All to See!

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